Our Services
  • Suggest and arrange varied kinds of photo options from all over India.
  • Portfolio shots of family members, bride and groom.
  • Special album with Candid shots.
  • Thematic instant photo corner.
  • Organising newsletters / write ups on a daily basis about activities at the wedding for circulation amongst family.



Wedding Video



  • Videographers to shoot the wedding with a storyline like a movie.
  • Putting together a video magazine for circulation amongst the family.
  • Suggest options for video editors who specialise in editing, putting together audio visual presentations with childhood pictures, cherished moments of the family etc. with the wedding video.
  • Livewire…a narrative with an MC live during the functions.

Bliss wedding is the wedding professionals who steps in, takes your hand, calms your busy mind and says, "Let's look at this wonderful wedding and make it happen." At the heart of every wedding is a strong framework. Here's the process of how we work:...

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